How To Improve English Pronunciation

Do you want to know how to improve English pronunciation? 🤔
We wrote an effective guide for those who decided to perfect their pronunciation. ☺️

Where to start working on English pronunciation
1. Share the English version
Вариантов английского произношения существует много: канадский, австралийский, среднеатлантический и т. д. Однако самые популярные — британский и американский варианты английского. Произношение в этих двух разновидностях одного языка отличается довольно сильно.

2. Проанализируйте свою речь
Choose an audio or video clip with the text of the recording. Listen to what his carrier says. Then read the text yourself and write it down on the recorder. Listen to your voice and compare it with the speaker’s speech, determine which sounds you are pronouncing incorrectly. And then work on pronunciation of these sounds.

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